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Introducing the team behind Coastal Publications!

Coastal Publications & Events is a dynamic events brand that showcases the latest in lifestyle design for the wedding industry.

Our BC Wedding Guide is a comprehensive resource for engaged couples in British Columbia, featuring top businesses in the wedding industry.


Meanwhile, Eat Out on Vancouver Island is your ultimate guide to the best restaurants from Victoria to Campbell River, highlighting the freshest and most innovative creations on the island.

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Judi Rosebrugh

Judi Rosebrugh

Debbie Fenrick

Debbie Fenrick

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Sandy Kay

Eat Out
Vancouver Island

Experience The Tastes Of Vancouver Island

Here you will find an expansive list of the best restaurants from Victoria to Port Hardy and area. From Fine cuisine to home cooking, brew pubs, wineries, delis, bakeries, distilleries and coffee shops celebrating Vancouver Island’s bounty of fresh, innovative creations.

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