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All Dressed in White Bridal Show

Plan your dream wedding in just one day at All Dressed in White Bridal Show with the best wedding vendors in the lower mainland all under one roof!

Forget coming second - we make you the best!

As bridal show producers of All Dressed in White Bridal Shows, publishers of Wedding Connections and The Wedding Experts we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge that will help you reach your target market: Whether you take part in bridal shows, print advertising or the web world, we are confident you will find something that improves your bottom-line.


Our industry background includes working at a family-owned marketing company for over 50 years and in the wedding industry for over 25 years. 


We will help you reach your target market to brides and grooms with a complete marketing program to reach today's bride and groom (partner) at wedding shows or through print, social media, and our website.

We are committed to helping vendors connect with prospective clients and to market to them throughout the year, not just at showtimes.  We build and maintain a relationship with our clients and have a genuine interest in their companies.  With a strong focus on attendance follow up, vendor input and social media promotion, we work with clients to promote their products and or services year-round.  Our attendance rate for the shows continues to grow and we are working on creating a show that encourages couples to come, spend the day and take the time to meet and talk with lower mainland wedding professionals.


As you can see, you’re not just purchasing a booth space but you are participating in a complete marketing plan that will increase your sales and target your advertising budget directly to the right clientele.  Plus take advantage of the great opportunity to network with other vendors within the wedding industry.

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